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We, M/s VERNI GASTECH PVT LTD, offers a wide range of Industrial gases, calibration gases, speciality gases of all purity starting from Commercial Grade (99.995%) to Ultra High pure (99.9999%) as per customer’s requirement.

Industrial Gases Hydrocarbon Gases Rare Gases Medical Gases Mixture Gases Calibration Mixture
Refrigirant Gases
Argon Ethane Xenon Medical Oxygen Silane-Nitrogen Mixture Gas

Verni Gastech is specialized and leading manufacturer of premium speciality gases, calibration gases and handling equipments.

Our gases are used in various instruments, application in laboratory, energy, research and development, petrochemicals and refinery industries.

We also supply in small sized disposable canisters as well as in cylinders.

Refrigerant R407C
Oxygen Methane Neon Nitrous Oxide EO + Co2 Refrigerant R410a
Nitrogen Ethylene Krypton Tri Gas Argon + CO2 Refrigerant R134a
Hydrogen Acetylene Argon + Hydrogen Refrigerant R32
Carbon Dioxide Iso.butane / R600a Argon + Nitrogen Refrigerant R22
Carbon Monoxide N.butane / R600 Argon + Helium
Sulfur Hexafluoride Propane Hydrogen + Nitrogen
Hydrogen Chloride Neopentane Lazer Mixture
Hydrogen Sulfide Isopentane Fruit Ripening
Sulfur Dioxide 1,3-Butadiene
Silane Propyne
Hydrogen Bromide Propylene
Nitric oxide Cis 2 Butene
Nitrogen Dioxide Trans 2 Butene
Boron Trifluoride 1-Butene
Carbonyl Sulfide
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