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Welcome To Verni Gastech Pvt. Ltd.

Verni Gastech is a venture of the Verni group and is involved in the manufacturing and supply of varieties of gases and high-pressure cylinder valves. Catering to the needs of customers in varieties of different industries since 1995 , we have indefinitely strengthened our core competencies.

We have carved our specialty in the production of Specialty gases, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Mixture gases, and Zero Air. The detailed list of gases produced by us can be broadly classified into industrial, medical, High purity, mixture, and Calibration gases. From Health services to Steel manufacturing plants, think of any industry requiring gas and we would be serving them. Such is the surety we offer with our diversified portfolio.

We understand the risk associated while dealing with highly combustible gases and we take it upon ourselves to ensure the highest safety protocols. We believe in quality and are ISO 9001 - 2015 certified.

Apart from dealing in gases of all kinds, we are also involved in the manufacturing and supply of Cylinder valves. Further, we have also made our mark through our wide portfolio of service offerings. The list of our service offerings ranges variably. It includes installation of Medical oxygen pipeline, nitrogen purging, Cylinder hydrostatic testing, CNG Cylinder testing, and Hydrotesting.

Ever since we established ourselves, we have strived to create our mark in this magnanimous field of gases. And today, after our struggle and continuous efforts for 25 years we are proud of where we stand.

Product Name Production Capacity
Oxygen Gas 600Nm3/h
Nitrogen Gas 200Nm3/h
Argon Gas 300Nm3/h
Carbon Dioxide Gas 700 kg/h
Hydrogen Gas 150Nm3/h
Helium Gas 100Nm3/h
Dry Ice 400 Kg/h
Nitrous Oxide 200 Ltr / Hr
PESO Approved Testing Facility O2, N2, Ar, Co2, Air, He, N2O Gas Cylinders
PESO Approved Testing Facility CNG & Hydrogen Gas Cylinders

Our Mission

At Verni Gastech our mission is to consistently improve overall quality standards through our mindful action, processes, and decisions. We are consistently working towards expanding our product and service portfolio by catering to all the concerned industries, optimally.

Our Vision

To be the leading name in the industry for requirements of gases of different variants. Further, we are striving to bring an environmental change by ensuring the least contribution towards environmental degradation and reducing our carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

Timely Delivery

Buy with confidence, knowing your product will be delivered fast.

Quality Materials

We utilize quality raw materials that enhance final product quality.

Expert Team

Our team of experts carry out constant endeavours to upgrade our products.

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